About Us


Probably cooking instead of doing homework.



Just two students, Veronica and Camille, cooking and baking in their tiny university apartment on even tinier budgets.


Elevator Pitch

303 Wash is not an actual address, but two university students with a love for food. We gather and share our experiences on cooking and eating well while on a tight budget and equally tight schedule. Our culinary journey together started in the summer of 2013, when we found lived together, far from our respective homes and without the comfort of a meal plan. We’ve been living together ever since. Our friendship has been filled with glorious food adventures, a fondness for the other’s native cuisines, and habits of procrastination-by-food.


Which school?

We’re at Wesleyan University, in Connecticut. Go Cardinals!


Tell me more about Veronica Lumbantoruan.

VeronicaInstead of writing a Philosophy paper or working on my Economics problem set, I, Veronica Lumbantoruan, spend most of my time thinking about food and possible flavor combinations. Although I love all food and am open to try pretty much anything, Indonesian food will always hold a special place in my heart.

My Indonesian heritage is the reason for the few Indonesian recipes (trust me, I’m working on this) in this blog, so you can eat Indonesian food but still stay within the comfortable confines of your kitchen. Buuuut, contrary to the usual background story, I did not grow up in the kitchen, learning how to cook from my grandma (I grew up in Jakarta, which is way too metropolitan for that!). Instead I really got into baking and cooking in college, when I discovered food blogs and then worked at a summer camp kitchen after freshman year. College is also where I met Camille, my other foodsies-half, who got me tumbling deeper into food love. Honestly, I think 99.999999% of our conversations are around food.

At the end of the day, providing food for people I really care about gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling and, with a vision of having some sort of food business in the pretty far future, I am hoping to do this forever in my life.




Tell me more about Camille Casareno.

Camille CWhen I was twelve years old, my mum once told me that no one would marry me if I didn’t know how to cook.

It is a bit sad to admit, but I began dabbling with food after she said that. I started small. I took up making the family meals to ease my single mother’s workload around the house. I remember begging her to buy cookie mix and cheap margarine so I could make dessert from time to time, a rarity in my household. I eventually learned how to make some Filipino dishes, the cuisine of my homeland. Fast-forward several years and you’ll meet the collegiate me: always busy, perpetually stress-eating, and armed with a solid repertoire of recipes. I’m not really interested in landing a spouse, but cooking is fun, often surprising, and results in tasty things. And of course, I still cook for my family when I go home for breaks.

The current challenge is eating responsibly by navigating through the meal plan and budgeting the little money I make through campus jobs. I keep in touch with my family, if not always through the phone, but by cooking good food for myself. With Veronica — my housemate, partner in crime, and sister from another mister — I eat and bake to my heart’s content without feeling guilty about not working on that problem set.




How do I get a hold of you guys?

Our email is 303wash@gmail.com. No marriage proposals please.

Feel free to follow us (@303Wash) on Twitter to catch up on our adventures and other interesting food-related things Camille may find. Like us on Facebook! Look for us on Pinterest and Foodgawker as well!